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28 Dec 2016 00:39

Dear Kangaroo Family   We want to thank you for being part of the last International Conference on Kangaroo Mother Care. It was a pleasure to share great moments with all of you during those 4 days !   C [ ... ]



What it seemed a target 2 years ago, is now an achievement. Rwanda complied in a high level last 17th – 19th of November 2014 in Kigali, capital of the African country RWANDA, as the host for this event which is held every two years, in which leaders and high level speakers, exposed their scientific advances and experiences about the premature and low birth weight baby to an audience avid for knowledge, forgers of better practices around the world; an audience coming from developed and developing countries, where the Kangaroo Cares are the hope for a quality of survival for those babies.

The hosts and organizer committee, prepared a program that included all the last high standard information and a wide thematic coverage regarding KMC. As a venue for this conference, Rwanda have developed impressive strategies in the reduction of the infant mortality rate, joining the world to promote the achievements of the development objectives for the millennium.

The general topic of this conference was: “Kangaroo Mother Care: an effective way to improve the survival and the quality of survival of preterm and low birth weight infants: evidences and successes”

Representatives of England, South Africa, USA, Colombia, Brazil, Philippines, Madagascar, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Gujarat & Delhi (India), France, Uganda, Malawi, Indonesia, Zambia and of course Rwanda, among others, were there to reveal and present their latest progress and to answer to the audience questions.

To expose appropriately each topic, the agenda was scheduled in different sessions:

  • Science in KMC
  • The art of KMC practice.
  • Implementing, Planning and running a KMC local Program + Health services, Systems and KMC: Local, national, regional and international settings.

Amongst some of the presentations you can find the following:

Quality of life and follow up to 10 years, Breastfeeding the Premature Infant, Accelerating scale up of KMC,Low Birth Weight Infants Discharged Home in Kangaroo Position, Care behaviors and Hypothermia, Kangaroo Mother Care and Neonatal Outcomes, The neuroscience of separation and non-separation, KMC, Concepts, definitions and praxis, Impact of KMC on global neonatal mortality rate, Improved quality survival needs support for sleep cycling, Incidence of Retinopathy of Prematurity, Prolactin Level and Breast milk Production among Mothers of Low Birth Weight Infants, Evaluation of KMC in Rwanda, Care seeking behaviors and hypothermia risk factors, Challenge to implement KMC in hospitals, How to promote early KMC in a NICU, Challenges of Implementation of Kangaroo, Mother Care Unit in Madagascar.

For more information, click HERE to check the Conference memories (Agenda, presentations, and a photo gallery)